SLK Land is a planning promotion company that promotes land responsibly and successfully through the planning process.

We promote large and small sites, in both urban and greenfield environments for residential, mixed-use and commercial developments.

Our designs and masterplans are crafted to ensure that we leave a future legacy for the local community, whilst being focused on achieving the highest possible land value and an expeditious planning consent for our landowner partners.

We also facilitate the sale of the consented land, sourcing the optimum purchaser early in the process to ensure full ’buy in’ at an early stage.

Our landowner partners vary from individual landowners and consortiums, to housing associations and institutions.

SLK Land is a responsible company and will always put sustainability at the forefront of our designs and place making.


About Us

The Team and Experience

The SLK Land team has over fifteen years of experience and extensive knowledge gleaned from working for organisations including St George PLC, The Prince’s Foundation, Isis Waterside Regeneration, Sutton Harbour Holdings PLC, Studio LK Limited and Fortune Builders Inc. in San Diego, California.

The team has secured planning for many major mixed use masterplanning projects for new towns and urban extensions, as well as smaller sites including the following:

  • 5,000 homes in Devon
  • 4,800 homes in Wales
  • 2,500 homes in Aberdeenshire
  • 750 homes, mixed use development in Ayrshire
  • 500 homes in Leicester
  • 650 homes in Norwich
  • 700 homes in London

The majority of these consented sites have been (or are in the process of being) developed.

About Us (continued)

Our Funders and Joint Venture Approach

SLK Land, and our funders, operate joint venture vehicles within which SLK Land identifies and secures the residential, mixed use or commercial planning promotion opportunities.

SLK Land’s funders are experienced stakeholders in the planning process, and understand the calculated risks associated with planning. They have funded an extensive number of small, medium and large scale promotions.

The combined resources of the joint venture are applied to each project. Landowners benefit from the JV partner’s substantial financial strength and expert understanding of the promotion process, combined with SLK Land’s technical expertise in planning promotion, masterplanning, design and collaborative working.

The SLK Land team approach will maximise each landowners opportunity to secure planning consent as expeditiously as possible and yield strong net land receipts.


What is Planning Promotion?

Acquiring Planning Permission Today

Acquiring planning permission for a piece of land has become a complex, costly and risky process, which requires an array of technical, planning and design skills and expertise, acute project management, sharp communication skills, diplomacy and relationship building. Significant and costly quantities of drawings and lengthy documents, forming an ‘evidence base’ are required to satisfy what a local authority requires for an application, in particular for larger projects.

Landowners therefore naturally look for expert assistance. SLK Land have an excellent in house design team and viability experts, with an enviable track record of leading and delivering the type of comprehensive evidence base required for the delivery of successful planning applications.

As land promoter, SLK Land takes the risk, paying for all of the planning promotion costs. The landowner does not have any cost exposure or liability. SLK Land encourage close involvement and collaboration and always work in an open book format to ensure landowner partners are fully engaged and informed at all stages.

Planning Promotion, Structure and Process

The planning promotion structure provides for the lions share of net proceeds to be realized by the landowner partner, with SLK Land remunerated with a percentage for its promotion services. SLK Land are therefore incentivised to design a scheme that delivers not only a fantastic legacy in terms of place making but also the maximum residual value. The two are invariably closely linked. Good design will always add value.

The process starts with SLK Land undertaking a detailed analysis of the sites constraints and opportunities: the potential number of housing units and/or other mix of uses it can yield, and the time frame for preparing a planning application for a development proposal.

Next a detailed viability assessment is produced considering the constraints / opportunities and project risks. The predicted consented land value is calculated and agreed between the landowner and SLK Land, who then enter into a promotion agreement; a formal contract that among other things details how the net proceeds of the consented land sale will be apportioned between the parties and the amount of time during which they will collaborate.


The Planning Process

SLK Land believes in innovative, practical and responsible planning solutions, adding value while focusing on being expeditious. This is achieved by:

Land Disposal

The final and integral piece of the jigsaw is the disposal strategy. SLK Land works closely with a number of developers, house builders and housing associations and will test the market to achieve maximum return. These discussions will take place early on to ensure the building blocks are in place to aquire an expeditious and successful land sale upon receipt of planning consent.



Enquiry By Design

Achieving planning consent for a development can become challenging at times; our focus is to create an alignment of purpose between the landowner, the Local Authority and SLK Land, to enable a positive, swift and smooth path to a successful consent.

Good communication, thorough preparation, defining common goals and developing an appropriate governance structure, are key to a harmonious and successful collaborative planning and promotion process.

SLK Land employs the proven and successful Enquiry by Design process, a collaborative and inclusive design and delivery methodology, which engages the landowner, local authority, local stakeholders, and the local community to secure the maximum ‘buy-in’ at an early stage of the process. This helps to save time and cost and maximise the chances of a successful outcome.

Methodology (continued)

Good Design And Placemaking aligned with robust commerciality

Good design and ‘placemaking’ raises development values and project viability, as well as securing important stakeholder and community ‘buy-in’.

Developing masterplans, planning applications and housing delivery strategies, based upon the principles of good design and project viability, is a complex and time-consuming process, which requires working closely, through the Enquiry by Design process, with a number of stakeholders; in particular, local stakeholders, local politicians and the local authority.

SLK Land will also be robust and realistic when it comes to site viability and the requirements from local planning authorities. This is where good communication and an ability to clearly and calmly convey the realities of a site’s viability are crucial. We are a commercial business and will always strive to maximise the return to our landowner partners.


Do You Have Land To Promote?

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